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Hi, I'm Hayley and I'm a domain addict. I own 60+. Here are 10 of them.


Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones, ohmy!
Technology: ruby, middleman, mechanize, leaflet, coffeescript


US Daily Severe Weather Outlook
Technology: ruby, sinatra, mechanize, openlayers, coffeescript, mongo, redis, resque

Try Low Carb

You won't believe what you're allowed to eat
Technology: ruby, middleman

Hack Spanish

Learn espaƱol the fun way
Technology: ruby, middleman, slickquiz

Earthquakes Today

Always answering "was there an earthquake today?"
Technology: ruby, middleman, quake, leaflet, coffeescript

Storm Time Machine

Time-lapse visualizations of past tornado outbreaks and other major severe weather events
Technology: ruby, middleman, coffeescript, openlayers

Earthquake Radar

Time lapse of the last 7 days of earthquakes
Technology: ruby, middleman, coffeescript, openlayers

Tornado HQ

Originally a node.js experiment, it tracks tornado warnings and nothing else.
Technology: ruby, redis, coffeescript, leaflet, sidekiq, clockwork

Laundry Weather

Weather forecasts to answer whether you can hang that laundry outside
Technology: ruby, sinatra, httparty

Farscape Episode Guide

My first "made for adsense" site which is kind of funny, because I've yet to put adsense on it
Technology: ruby, middleman

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