teh hayley

Remember, remember the first of November
The writing, the panic, and snot
I know of no reason why the South Pacific Cyclone Season
Should ever be forgot

And so it begins, right close to the midnight deadline (arg, I'll just pretend to be on Hawaiian time).

Luckily, I wrote a lot of this by hand, so maybe I already have my 1,667 words by now.

So here it is.

First, my November goals... which of course, are incomplete as of this writing. Maybe 2 goals is all you need though, amiright?

We won't even talk about October's list because most of it didn't get done.

But the point is to dream. To conjure up the things you want to do. To see your life as more than it currently is.

My biggest goal for November is to write 1,667 words/day. I'm expecting them to be mostly about tech stuff and my daily check-ins. Doesn't matter. The point is to get the habit rolling (this would be my third successful daily goal (making music every day being my first, and a daily weather screencast being my second).

At the very least, I want to document more of what I figure out technically because I have this nasty habit of forgetting how to program if I'm not doing it all of the time.

My goal that scares me the most is to make $250 this month from online stuff. My two biggest sources are Adsense and Amazon. I tend to not count the Amazon stuff since it pays out to gift cards and pays on like a 3 month delay. I was once upon a time trying to move into SAAS with monthly subscriptions, buy my lack of technical knowledge and my fear of asking people to actually pay for something I built, kept me from ever getting anywhere with it. I will return to it someday, but for now I'd rather spend my time on something where I won't get stuck in the mud mentally.

So Adsense. I have a bunch of mini "Built for Adsense" sites. I think I stay away from them being horribly spammy, and try to make them useful instead but they're still spammier than what I'd prefer to be building.

Anywho. I did get punched in the gut with Google's late September EMD algorithm update. And more disappointing was that it came after a record breaking Adsense month (I made $65).

Based off of my projections, I figured I'd be lucky to make $10-$15 in October after taking the algorithm hit. Amazingly I ended up with what would've been a record breaing month if you ignored September ($45).

I really want to get my Adsense earings up to at least $100/month so that I'd be getting a check every month (for the record, it took 8 months to get the first check).

With Adsense, the magic formula appears to be that you either get a high enough CTR (click through rate) or you build something with such an amazing amount of traffic that an abysmal CTR still ends up being worth it.

[ed note: Ohnoes, and that's where the paper notes end but I don't have enough words yet, oh well, I hadn't finished my notes anyway, so...]

Of course, there are other obvious factors. From my experience, health and fitness type topics seem to net a much higher CPC (cost per click), so if you could manage to run a successful site in one of those niches, you wouldn't need as much traffic or overall clicks.

What sucks is that I used to run a fairly successful health/fitness blog (and by fairly successful, it's by my standards, which are pretty low). If I had known about SEO and keyword research, I would've attempted to write far more evergreen content. I had the passion back then. I was writing stuff that I thought would be evergreen, but with the knowledge of keyword research that I have now, I could've attempted to make those articles findable.

Sort of speaking of which, I credit Cyclocane's success to my semi-spammy adsense sites. Instead of just throwing pages together, I actually would do some keyword research first and attempt to determine how people were searching for things before naming pages (with hurricanes/typhoons/cyclones this isn't an exact science since storm names change so it becomes harder to track down trends in how people google for storm information).

I even parlayed this keyword research skill into a successful Spanish storm tracker page... before I had even studied any Spanish. For the record, I've even researched Japanese storm searches too, but at this point, I'd feel uncomfortable making a Japanese page with nil Japanese knowledge (nil isn't completely true; I did once memorize half of the Japanese Kanji Radicals on memrise).

Cyclocane counts as my first truly successful site traffic wise. Well, I should clarify that. My first successful site, since the point that I actually started monitoring traffic.

Its traffic when compared to my other sites is almost sickening. Take wickedwx for example. Until Cyclocane, this site was basically my baby. Referrals from Cyclocane now account for more than 50% of the traffic to the site. On days when there are active storm systems, I often see more people on Cyclocane at any given moment (per Google Analytics Real-Time Monitoring), than wickedwx will see the entire day.

So yeah. To wrap up this little (long) story, I think I'll sum up my current adsense plans as this. In the wake of the EMD update, brandable domains appear to be the way to go. I have this thing now about wanting to ensure that I always rank #1 (or at least near it).. for my own freaking term. As mentioned in an earlier post, this is one of the big reasons, I decided to switch from "The Hayley" (I own the .com) to "Teh Hayley"; I figured I actually could rank for tehhayley.

And as I write this, it appears to have worked. I rank #1 when I search under my google account. When I open an incognito window in Chrome though...

Se muestran resultados de the hayley
Buscar, en cambio, teh hayley

If you don't speak Spanish, it's the thing I had feared... overcoming google's suggestion that "teh hayley" had been misspelled. Well, it's actually a little more than a suggestion. Google flat out assumes that's what you meant and shows you those results instead. As a tech person who knows how to spell, this kind of google sh*t is annoying. I know what I typed; that's what I meant!

I could probably overcome that one, by writing more in Spanish. "More" is the wrong word here. Writing something in Spanish. More implies something > 0.

Oh yeah, and if I rewrite everything in Spanish, surely I can count those words towards my 1,667/day right? And I'm still short on it today. Oy vey. I don't want to start out the month on the wrong foot.

Oh, and did I mention, this is just my own version of nanowrimo, since I'm way more interested in starting the writing habit this month on anything rather than to specifically write a book.

I'll have to write something to blog about that requires lost of "screenshots" of text screens to bump up that word count. CHEATING ALL THE WAY BABY.

So if I could sum up my Adsense plans (didn't I already try to?), it would be this:

And the last one is the most mysterious to me. Cyclocane is a glitch to me, and it's based around temporary traffic bursts. It's basically taught me a lot about how to direct traffic to.... a hurricane site. There aren't a whole lot of lessons I can take away from it that would apply to any old web site. Just to tropical cyclone sites.

I've got a lot of things planned for November. I think my driving goal is just going to build more things. To try more things. One of my plans is that if I have some simple idea, I'll just put it on tehhayley instead of having to think of some clever name for everything. And if it's actually successful, then I can think about giving it its own domain. And if it's not... at least I'm not out yet another $10.

the final rambling, the search for the 1667

I figure I'm close enough that I might as well just freestyle it so I can feel good about having hit 1667 on the first day. I mean, who wants to start out their month having already failed their goal (remember, I have to be on Hawaiian time for this to work out properly).

So yes, I shall sit here and just type ad nauseum.

I like things. Things that are shiny. I should be embarrassed to publish any of this. This nonsense. Unsinn! Do they still use that word. It's probably not the right word anyway. It probably means something dirty. Because of course, when you mispeak in a foreign language, somehow it's always dirty.

I guess I could also talk briefly about how I want to start building lots more things in AngularJS. Again though, more implies greater than 0. I haven't built anything yet. It's been on my mental todo list for awhile. I mean, how can you really learn a new technology when you never actually touch it proper.

Just the other day, I finally decided to do the AngularJS tutorial instead of just watching another talk. Or watching a tutorial that I never follow along with. All of it's important though. It's just some of it's more important than the other things.

The important thing is to build. To produce. To throw that idea out into the world and watch in burn.

Well, in most cases, you throw it out into the world and. Crickets. That's been my experience anyway.

So apparently there's my 1,667 words.

Another text editor confirms it.

I'm quitting then.

And then I'll upload this.

And regret it in the morning.

teh hayley