teh hayley

I started this habit recently on a whim. I'm trying to get skilled at managing multiple programming-related projects at once, so each day I'm now targeting at least a task each for three different projects each day. Oh, I've yet to have a day where I actually completed all three. In fact, it's generally 1... or none. But it's the intention. Yeah.

So here's today's.

get an MVP of tehhayley going

If you're reading this, then it must be a success!

finish work on a nws headline scraper

Hurricane Sandy is going to lead to a confusing situation. Before landfall, Sandy is predicted to lose tropical cyclone status and take on the characteristics of a wintertime low pressure area.

The result? The hurricane / tropical storm watches only go so far up the coast (North Carolina), because Sandy won't technically be either type of storm when making landfall.

I was already swayed by a meteorologist I follow, but I tend to think this is just stupid. So instead of a cohesive set of alerts from the National Hurricane Center, it will be under the jurisdiction of the local NWS offices to issue things that have way less meaning like "high wind warning". I mean, I follow the weather and frankly, I don't even know what counts as "high wind". Plus, with all the fragmentation, there's likely to be confusion as to what the real threats actually are.

Sandy is supposed to be unprecedented, so I'd really like for Cyclocane to be able to carry relevant information as long as possible and unfortunately, all of my US data is currently based on things pulled from the NHC.

So that's the point of this todo item. I'd like to figure out what local NWS office data I could integrate.

cyclocane - custom timezones

Though I wrote my list this morning, as I write this, I already know this ain't gonna get done.

But for the story.. yesterday, I finally added the ability for all of the UTC times to be translated into the user's local time (I used jquery and sugarjs instead of a plugin, to accomplish this). But I'd really like to be able to switch to any arbitrary timezone on the fly so that I could view storm data in the local timezone of that area.

For bonus geek points (ain't gonna happen), I'd do some sort of geolocation of the coordinate and find out what timezone that coordinate is in and display that instead. So you click on Son-Tinh's coordinates and you get relevant timezones local to that storm and then you jump across the globe and get to see times in EDT.

yeoman and middleman

I carried this one over from yesterday's list, but I want to figure out a best practice for integrating a yeoman project into middleman. I haven't played with yeoman much yet, but it basically looks like it's awesome for bootstrapping a javascript/coffeescript project... but what then. At that point, I'm gonna need the niceities of middleman with its layouts and partials in the templates.

what actually happened

I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do with these. I think I'll either post a followup in the same article (which would be down here), or maybe I'll do a followup to it on tomorrow's daily list.

Regardless, as I write this, the only thing I've touched is getting this blog off the ground. Which is way more awesome than having done nothing.

teh hayley