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parse the HPC Sandy advisories

Already done. I had intended to do a lot of the work prior to the NHC -> HPC handoff by writing tests again the HPC Isaac advisories, but in the end, there were just too many "fires" to put out so I decided to wait until the handoff had actually occurred.

figure out what to do about IMD data

I've probably mentioned it before, but the India Meteorological Department puts their tropical cyclone data out in PDF form. In addition to increasing the parsing difficulty by like 100 fold, it means that filesizes are like 10 times as great as they'd be if they were just plain text because the thing now has to store all of this ridiculous formatting information inside of the document.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind PDFs, but they shouldn't be a government's only way of transmitting time sensitive data.

Though IMD New Delhi is the official RSMC for the North Indian Ocean, I'm currently using the Joint Typhoon Warning Center advisories to cover this basin. The problem? JTWC likes to go down randomly and given how I (intelligently, of course) architected the site, when the JTWC is down, the storm disappears off of Cyclocane. Whoops.

I'd like to be parsing the official advisories anyhow, but given the sometimes sporadic nature of the JTWC, it makes it even more important to get a "backup" source of data for this basin.

I have found the WMO alerts, but this stuff appears to be even worse. First, the data is often many many hours behind what is on the IMD website. Based on what I've seen from the other RSMCs, this appears to be the fault of the IMD not sending out regular updates, and not some delay that's the fault of the WMO system.

Even worse than that though is that the IMD appears to change their text format willy-nilly.

Writing a parser is hard enough as it is. Writing a parser when the data format is changing constantly is basically impossible.

I really wish there were a standard format for these government agencies to convey their data. Sadly, I think that parsing the IMD data is probably gonna end up a lost cause.

angular JS

Though I've been watching plenty of talks about AngularJS, I have yet to actually build something with it. I'm still a baby when it comes to doing anything of consequence with JavaScript.

I'm wanting to build a couple of card game sites, and having noticed that there are actually games listed on the Built with AngularJS site, I'm now wondering if Angular would be appropriate for that.

Building a card game is still way above my current skill level though, so I'm wanting to start tonight by either (or both) porting one of my existing JS-heavy projects (Storm Time Machine or the (bare right now) wickedwx storm reports) or doing the new project that I talked about yesterday (Severe Weather HQ) where I plan to port the CAP alert data that I got for Cyclocane over to something more general purpose.

teh hayley

For bonus points, I really should be writing a tutorial to my future forgetful self about how to use AngularJS.

Step one, is to actually learn it though.

teh hayley