teh hayley

First, I feel somewhat like the daily writing habit is doomed. Of my current daily habits (daily creation of new music and a new screencast), I've figured out how to get them down to sub 30 minutes most days and like 5-10 minutes on really good days.

Last night, it took me something like 3 hours to write to get to my daily word quota (okay, actually that was the total time to write the full blog post; I didn't actually track how long the 1,667 took).

Carving out that much time on a daily basis is going to take work and dedication. Or I'm gonna have to figure out how to write 3 million percent faster.

Still, I think it's important.

Last night, there was a new project I wanted to work on, but I hadn't started my writing for the day at all, so guess which one actually got done?

And sadly, I kinda feel that the new project would've been more important.

So I'm gonna have to figure out some sort of writing schedule I guess. Maybe make it the first thing I turn to when I've got free time, so that I can work on anything else as I carve out free time the rest of the day.

But aside from that, I've got a lot that I'd like to accomplish today, but probably won't.

And one of my huge problems has been trying to keep track of everything. Last month, I started keeping track of all tech related todos in taskwarrior. The problem is, the list has grown too large and there isn't (currently) a good interface for scanning through the list. Or at least an interface that makes it appealing to me to scan through a list of what's going on. It just becomes this wall of text on the terminal.

I have never found quite the right todo solution. One of my biggest problems is simply that the todo list becomes unmanageable at a point. Or at least it feels unmanageable. If I remember correctly, GTD says you're supposed to dump everything into your system so that it's no longer floating around in your head, causing you anxiety.

Well, then it starts to cause me anxiety because I'm overwhelmed at the sheer quantity of todo list items.

I have declared "todo list bankruptcy" a few times with some success, but then of course, you're losing all of those things that you'd like to get to someday.

But anyways.

I'm still experimenting with whether posting a todo list here actually helps me get anything done. In my experience, the only time todo lists truly help me get sh*t done is when I first start using them and the thrill of a completed todo list is within reach (hence why it's necessary to declare todo list bankruptcy every so often).

the consolidated IMDB scraper site

For some background, I built an IMDB scraper and then have produced a handful of mini sites based around that scraped data. Since I've never quite figured out how to get these sites to rank consistently, overall they're basically breaking even with domain costs. So the big November goal was to set up a single site, so that the project would be much more likely to be profitable since the main cost has always been the $10/year for the domain.

Problem #1 is that I still haven't quite decided on a name.

Problem #2 is that the data has been structured around being deployed to separate domains.

See, the plan is to basically keep the same structure as before but with things being in subfolders of the main domain instead of at the root, like they're used to. It's totally fixable I'm sure, but the point is that it's going to be enough of a hassle (or perceived hassle) that it psyches me out from working on it.

I do think I've finally decided on a name though. Or decided enough. That's the ticket; nothing is permanent.

And the sooner I get something out there on this one, the sooner I can start getting data on how much traffic it's getting so I can start tweaking things (or pretend that there's something I can tweak that will actually have an effect) and the sooner it can potentially start contributing to my $250/month goal.

BMI calculator

I wouldn't call this a priority, priority, but I feel it's going to be so simple to put together once I get into the groove, that, why not? It's supposed to help teach me AngularJS and maybe just maybe, end up being useful or liked enough that it could start contributing to the $250/month.

I've actually got a lot of features planned for it that would be really useful as a learning exercise (and cool to boot), but they probably won't be anywhere near the MVP.

Hack Spanish custom quiz

Now that I'm digging into Angular, I can finally start to see how I might go about implementing my own custom quiz system for the Hack Spanish site. This of course, will get me no closer to tackling the zero search traffic problem, but at least it will make the site more useful for me.

add a recipe to Try Low Carb

I feel this one should qualify as a daily habit. Each recipe would probably only take 10-15 minutes to add, so I feel it would be way better to get into the habit of posting at least one a day, rather than trying to add a whole bunch at once.

The recipe system still needs an overhaul, which is actually something that needs to become a priority soon, because otherwise, the site is going to become unmanageable mess soon.

Middleman looks like it's going to have a new feature soon that will be perfect for the overhaul, however, there doesn't appear to be a current ETA on when it's going to be merged officially.

The new MM code is based on document_mapper so I may well just integrate that into the system for now instead of waiting.

write at least one more blog article

As I write this, I'm going to fall short of my daily quota, so I'll need to make up the slack by writing something.

I've got a couple of article ideas on the backburner about SugarJS and a JQuery vs AngularJS example.

Ultimately, if it comes down to it, I'll just blabber on for 500 words to get the quota today.

Until then, I think I'm gonna see if I can use the rest of my free time to knock out working on the IMDB scraper project.

teh hayley